Toronto and Region RAP Reports

The Toronto and Region RAP has produced a substantial catalogue of reports, and fact sheets. All RAP publications are available for download free of charge.

Stage 3: Evaluation of Remedial Measures rap-cover-event-ad-flyer

Progress Reports


Beneficial Use Re-designation Reports

The Toronto and Region RAP is proud to announce that the following Beneficial Uses are no longer considered ‘impaired’:

Preliminary Beneficial Use Assessment Reports

Toronto and Region RAP Update on Actions


2013-2014 RAP update 2012-2013 RAP Update 2011-2012 RAP Update

2012-2013 Update on Actions

2011-2012 Update on Actions

2010-2011 Update on Actions

2007-2010 Update on Actions

Stage 2: Goals, Options, and Recommendations

Stage 1: Environmental Conditions and Problem Definition