Our vision for Toronto and Region is a healthy ecosystem that supports the well-being of local communities.

Over the past 30 years, our projects have been contributing to the improvement of environmental conditions identified in Areas of Concern (AOC) within the Great Lakes.

Below are some of our projects that help achieve RAP objectives and move us closer to the delisting of the Toronto and Region as an AOC.


Within Reach : 2015 Toronto & Region Remedial Action Plan Progress Report

Implementation of remedial and restoration actions has led to significant and demonstrable improvements in the quality of water and sediment, the amount and condition of terrestrial and aquatic habitats, and the health of aquatic biota and aquatic communities. Our recently released 2015 Progress Report outlines the key actions that have been carried out and the progress that has been made since the last Progress Report was prepared in 2007. This update highlights the positive strides we have made towards de-listing success.

Science Seminar Series

The Toronto and Region Remedial Action Plan (RAP) held our first annual science seminar in Fall 2015 with over 60 attendees from various levels of government. The seminar included presentations on a variety of projects and activities being undertaken in the Toronto and Region Area of Concern (AOC), all of which will contribute toward de-listing the Toronto and Region as an AOC within the Great Lakes.

2015 Science Seminar

2016 Science Seminar


2016 RAP Update

Modelling Nutrient Loads and Impact of BMPs on Water Quality

Preliminary Microbial Source Tracking Results from Rouge Beach and the Rouge River Watershed within the Toronto AOC in 2016

The ‘Don River and Central Waterfront’ Project and The ‘Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant outfall’ Update

Toronto Harbour AOC Plankton Sampling 2016

TO AOC Fish Consumption BUI Assessment

Monitoring and Assessment of Emerging Contaminants in the Toronto Area

Fish Community Indices of Ecosystem Health – How does the Toronto Harbour Compare to other Lake Ontario Nearshore Areas

Port Lands Flood Protection & Enabling Infrastructure Project Update

Assessing the status of fish communities of the Toronto waterfront using a reproducible approach

The Threat of Asian Carp in Toronto Waters 2016

Seasonal Residency of Fish in Toronto Harbour 2010-2015

Aquatic Restoration at Tommy Thompson Park

Long-term improvements to aquatic connectivity in the GTA

Toronto Harbour Acoustic Telemetry Study

The Toronto Harbour Acoustic Telemetry Study monitors the behavior and movements of fish 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information retrieved will be used to help design and build more habitats so that fish populations in the region can grow and thrive.